Nature Views


Ark Burger started as an idea. An idea that began with two vegan mates who spent 3 and a half years travelling, exploring and living in the far reaches of Mother Earth.


Our passion for food and cooking saw us spend countless hours trying, buying, learning, making, testing and evaluating every single international morsel of vegan goodness that presented itself to us. 


During our adventures, we also saw first-hand the consequences that the western world's unsustainable dietary demand for meat & dairy had on the inconceivably beautiful planet we were exploring, as well as the horrific exploitation of the animals we were sharing this incredible world with. 


This was when Ark Burger changed from an idea to a mission. 


We decided to combine our passion for cooking, more importantly for making burgers, with our vision of building a more compassionate, love-filled, sustainable world for the sake of the animals, our collective health and the environment... so... we built an ark...

(figuratively speaking).


Over the years we have perfected the art of burger-making. With our hand-crafted seitan beef and fried chick'n (hail seitan) we are ready to welcome everyone aboard The Ark. And we mean everyone. We're here to show that you can still have your big tasty beefburgers, crispy bacon and even crunchy fried chick'n without bringing animals into the equation, as well as, of course, giving all those vegans and veggo's along the south coast more of what they love too.